Muskuraiye, aap Lucknow me hai

How to reach

You can come to this place either by train or flight. The main railway station is named Lucknow (LKO) and the airport is named Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. However, both of them are referred mostly by their aliases:
Lucknow (LKO) ~> Charbagh

Transportation within Lucknow

Transport is available to tourist places from the railway station. Ola and Uber both are available in the city.

Best Time to Visit

Lucknow’s weather and climate is somewhat same as Delhi/Gurgaon. If this is the case, finding a suitable time to visit is no rocket science. Refrain coming here in summer or winter. Because unlike Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore, Lucknow weather can go upto 40 degree Celsius in summer and 4 degree Celsius in winter. Hence, come here in spring(Feb-March) and autumn(October-November).

Places to Visit

The list could have been quite long. But I will only involve places that you must visit for sure. Let’s assume you have only one day. Visit the places in the order as described here.

1. Bara Imambara — 2 hours

Imambara — terrace view

2. Indira Gandhi Planetarium (Optional if you have already visited one of these) — 40 min

Saturn shaped planetarium

3. Residency Park — 2 hours

The remains of the residential quarters of the Britishers will lure you to take some camera shots. Only the walls are upheld. Most of the roofs have fell down. It would be a nice place to play hide-n-seek with your friends. It also has a museum. However, I haven’t been in the museum. It also has lush green garden with lots of guava trees. You can enjoy eating those.

4. Regional Science City — 3 hours

Come here if you have a big appetite for science. This place has lot to offer. Two-three hours also are not well enough to visit this place thoroughly. If you have a kid with you, this place is a must visit.

5. Lucknow Zoo — 2 hours

White tiger at the zoo

6. Hazratganj market

I assume the sun is setting down and you don’t know where to go. I guess just a kilometre far there is a place where you can spend your eve.



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